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Coping Mechanisms proto comic by Xailenrath-Comics Coping Mechanisms proto comic by Xailenrath-Comics
First try at a practice strip involving Elliot Buck and his robots.
I went with the name Coping Mechanism, even though I have already used that name.
(Me and my OCD recycling of characters, names and situations...)

Originally, 'Coping Mechanism' was the name of the strip that originally introduced my older robot, "Sowasowa Uchiwake", aka "Rex", before I transferred him over to Cosmic Booty.

Anyway, re-using that name, the premise of the strip is that a genius inventor has gone through some series of tragedies at a young age, and, for a time, withdrew from society and social interactions and dove into inventing his little robots. He is "better" now, but still has had sort of a "failure to relaunch".
He's young, wealthy (due to winning a lawsuit) and, for the most part, stable, but, his mom and friends are trying to get him to stop resting on his laurels/hiding from the world/being a slacker and get back into social society, start dating again, and, though he doesn't 'need' the money, get a job, perhaps at a robotics lab somewhere... y'know, a sciencey job he will "like"... to keep his idle hands busy before he dives into a spiral.

I'm still working out the bugs, so to speak.

Here we meet (or at least see the proto for the character designs of) Elliot Buck, our protagonist.
His first robot, Clark. The backside of his 4th robot, Murdock...
and his neighbor, Kenny, whom, it must be understood, he's probably having his first real conversation with.

Also a nod or two to another comic project of mine, as Elliot is receiving a package (possibly more robot parts) from Xailenrath Omniversal.
I've also decided that his mom, Eve, works for XO. That way, no one sees it as weird that she has a pink AI robot as a personal assistant.
QueenBex Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like it, I think that guy is impressed, also thankful for the lack of spiders or lizards...
Bug-Off Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I'd like a drink.
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